Former CEOs of companies such as JP Morgan and Aston Martin sign a letter of support for Labor to transform the UK

“We, as leaders and investors in British businesses, believe it is time for change. “For too long, our economy has suffered from instability, stagnation and a lack of long-term focus.” With these words the signed letter begins. By 120 business leaders who gave their public support to Labour. The letter is signed, among others, by former executives of JP Morgan, Aston Martin, JD Sportssupermarkets in Iceland, or advertising giant WPP, or Jimmy WalesThe founder of Wikipedia asserts that “the United Kingdom has the potential to be one of the strongest economies in the world,” but “the lack of political stability and the absence of a coherent economic strategy has hampered this.”

“The country has been deprived of the skills and infrastructure it needs to thrive,” it says, and continues with explicit support for a line-up that opinion polls suggest will remove the Conservatives from government. “Labour has shown that it has changed and wants to work with business to realize the UK’s full economic potential. Now we must give it the chance to change the country and lead Britain into the future. We urgently need a new perspective to free ourselves from the stagnation of the last decade, and we hope we can By taking this public stance you can convince others of this need as well.

The letter sent to The Times represents the culmination of three years of intense lobbying on business, particularly by the party’s chief economist, Rachel Reeves, who has set herself the goal of convincing business that its makeup is no longer that of Jeremy Corbyn, but more like that of Jeremy Corbyn. Those of Tony Blair, with an emphasis on private sector support, and to the left of the final leader of the formation. “If we can bring business back to Labour,” Reeves says, “I know we can bring business back to Britain, bring investment back to Britain, bring growth back to Britain, bring hope back to Great Britain. Great Britain.”

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Keir Starmer, the leader of the opposition and, according to opinion polls, the future tenant of Downing Street, wants Labour’s status as the party of business, a position the Conservatives have traditionally demanded and this letter is just weeks before the general meeting. The elections scheduled for next July 4 are an important symbol.

Card effectiveness

Messages of support from business leaders in political campaigns have been a frequent and important tactic, although their true impact is difficult to measure. These messages, traditionally used by Conservatives to emphasize their economic credentials, seek to convince voters of the party’s ability to properly manage the economy, as demonstrated by the 2015 election when David Cameron got a letter from 103 business leaders warning of the risks of an economic crisis in a Labor government.

However, history shows that the effectiveness of these messages does not always translate into electoral results or changes in economic policy, as happened during the EU referendum in 2016, when massive support from many executives for remaining in the EU did not prevent a Brexit victory. European.

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