UK: Peel Ports is outfitting its Hunterston offshore shipyard to support the offshore wind sector

Written by the editorial staff of PortalPortuario


Peel Ports Clydeport It expressed its intention to invest up to 150 million pounds sterling in Redevelopment of Hunterston Naval Dockyard in Ayrshire, While preparing the site to support the UK offshore wind sector.

A formal planning application to redevelop the site has already been submitted, and a competitive tender process for developers will be launched in the coming days. The works will include substantial improvements to the marine yard and public services, including filling the existing drydock basin and building a new quay wall.

Lewis McIntyre, General Manager, Port Services, Peel Ports Group, He said: “Scotland already has the reputation, infrastructure and talent to support offshore renewable energy projects and meet our national aspirations for the environment and green jobs. We can make that vision a reality. If companies like ours are willing to invest and work together to make this happen.

The executive added: “Our plans for Hunterstone reflect our ambitions to achieve net zero energy in the future, supporting offshore wind projects along the UK’s west coast and Ireland’s east coast, as well as supporting our local construction partners.”

Prior to this announcement, a series of public consultations were held on the redevelopment and initial expressions of interest were obtained from developers earlier this year. The project will require planning permission, marine licenses and other approvals, and will include an environmental impact assessment (EIA) before work can commence.

The permitting process is expected to be completed by the end of the year, followed by two years of construction.

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Peel Ports has begun talks with several potential tenants for the offshore wind site, which will occupy approximately 90 acres of the 320 acres to be redeveloped at Hunterstone for the blue-green economy, with the remaining 700 acres designated for natural capital and biodiversity.

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