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Chuan-Bin Chung is a teacher for who studies at Shu-Te University and who has recently become a trend in how Because of a certain fact: his extraordinary ability to draw intricate parts of human anatomy with chalk on the board. the One of his chapters has affected millions of .

In the aforementioned house of studies Mutual Teach the art of anatomy, illustration and drawing for 3 years in Visual Communication Design Department. And in a video posted on his private channel, he can be seen teaching human anatomy in Xiamen Medical College.

The footage shows a file The teacher uses chalk of different colors in addition to the rulerBoth are tools that help in drawing with extreme accuracy.

Fen Chuan Bin Chong

Students learn anatomy with highly detailed graphics

In the Bored Panda portal, highlight: In addition to anatomy classes, the Students draw with their own hands They even, in the process, form long-term memory and forget these important human structures”.

“We have a textbook, but we don’t read it, we draw it. Students majoring in this field cannot learn simply by reading pictures in books.. Instead, we learn as we draw something. In my classes, students have to draw what I show on the board.”, is detailed.

The teacher has been teaching at the university for about 3 years.  (Photo: OB Illustration/Facebook)
The teacher has been teaching at the university for about 3 years. (Photo: OB Illustration/Facebook)

Social networks were fascinated by Chuan Bin’s drawings

moreover, Xuan Bin He emphasized that his students like to take pictures of the drawings he makes on the board and then share them in social networks.

This tutorial is based on virtual platforms how Youtube With more than 17 thousand followers; While on other platforms like Facebook social networking site Adds 73 thousand followers while in Instagram It is supported by 21.8 thousand fans.

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