In tequila they strive to revive traditional medicine

Due to the lack of doctors and medicines in the Moxala community in the municipality tequilafive Women seeking to save medicine Traditionally and install a space where they can work herbalist.

The Women They are part of the group Masewalswameh Tlapahtihkewhat does it mean Women The aboriginals who heal, turned their eyes to herbalist As an alternative to help take care of diseases affecting the population.

Activist Jairo Guarneros Sosa commented that he had spoken with them in recent days Womenwho have the Casa de la Salud project, where they seek to acquire medicinal plants that are not in their community and thus give their neighbors a choice in the absence of doctors and medicines from the local health unit.

He pointed out that to implement this project they have a plot of land of 150 square meters that they have already leveled and put columns and a roof, but they need wood to be able to close the room, as well as doors and windows. .

“In the local communities, there is not much money and it costs much to earn, and tremendous effort has been made to buy the board and the paper,” he commented.

Guarneros Sosa mentioned that they need not only wood, but also cement and gravel for the floor and cables for electricity, in addition to the fact that they also need materials for health.

He added that what they have so far is a scale, pots and glassware for dyes and for storing plants not found in their community.

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He commented that they knock on doors to get help from altruism and thus build what they need.

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