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Milk, sugar and …? Doctor Who Raised lovers In social networks like Detection in prof That this hot drink contains crushed residues of these insects and others, although the food authorities confirm that the percentage is very small so that it is not considered harmful to humans.

In the , Which has already garnered more than 1,600,000 views in Tik Tok, Plus thousands of ‘likes’ and hundreds of comments, the Explain what “If you drink CafeYou are consuming too Cockroaches. The Cafe In pills, such as those that can be bought at any store, “It’s infected with the remains Cockroaches And other insects “.

“Usually they can’t be fully processed. So they just roast and grind the beans CafeThe doctor who jokingly warned those with allergies Cockroaches a “stay away” From Cafe In pills if you don’t want to be in for a bad surprise the next time you try it Hot Drink.

more information: Have you ever “cooled” your hot coffee with an ice cube? This viral video shows you what it looks like

Rajan is currently working as a surgeon at National Health Service at London And he became a celebrity Tik Tok By participating regularly Viral videos running Curious medical facts Trying to fight misinformation About the Sciences, British newspaper reports .

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