Vetnia by Elanco Seminar, a meeting point for specialized training in veterinary medicine

Vetnia by Elanco Seminar “Knowledge is the meeting point”, organized by Elanco Animal Health, will be held from November 22 to 23 in various locations in Madrid. During these days, conferences and workshops will be held on different specialization areas in veterinary medicine: antiparasitics, osteoarthritis, dermatology, internal medicine, and feline medicine.

Scientific conferences and practical workshops will be led by the following experts:

Pablo Gomez:DVM. Emeritus Professor at the University of Zaragoza. Veterinarian at VetCorner Unavets, Zaragoza.

Alberto Montoya: Professor of Animal Medicine and Surgery at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC). He is a heartworm expert and oversaw the development of Elanco’s heartworm prevalence map.

Diego Novoa:DVM. Trauma specialist. Head of the Department of Traumatology at Montjuïc Veterinary Hospital, Barcelona.

Marisa Palmeiro: DVM, Endoscopy and CMI Specialist (SpecEaMIS). AVEPA Certified Feline Medicine. Certificate of General Practitioner in Feline Practice (ISVPS). PGD ​​If it is an elephant. Medical Director of Medicine and Co-Founder of Gatos Veterinary Hospital in Madrid.

Xavier Roura: Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Akvim Diploma. Head of the Department of Small Animal Internal Medicine at Clinic Veterinari UAB, Barcelona.

Margot Ruiz:DVM. Head of the Department of Traumatology at the Veterinary Hospital Evidensia Mediterráneo of Madrid.

Sanchez Valley:DVM. Certified in Rehabilitation and Veterinary Sports Medicine by AVEPA. Director and founder of RECUPERAVET, Madrid.

Susana Serrano:DVM. Responsible for the Cardiology and Internship Service at the Anicura Vizia Veterinary Hospital, Madrid.

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Pedro Souza:DVM. Co-author of COAST and COASTeR, anesthesiologist, Head of the Anesthesia and Pain Control Service at Vetpartners (HV Montjuïc, HV Balmes, HV Tres Torres, Barcelona)

Carlos Fitch:DVM. Diploma from ESAVS (European School of Advanced Veterinary Studies) in Dermatology, Founder of DERMOVET Veterinary Dermatology Service, Barcelona.

Likewise, within the framework of the meeting, prizes will be awarded to the 10 best clinical cases in Spain in the field of canine arthritis, the winners of the second Edition “OA Clinical Case Quiz“.

The awards ceremony will be held on the evening of November 22nd at a dinner. Each winner will receive registration for the North American Veterinary Association (NAVC) VMX Conference, in Orlando, January 13-17, 2024, including travel and lodging.

This initiative is part of the programme Vitaniaestablished by Elanco to improve the recognition of the veterinary profession in the community, contribute to the professional development, welfare and promotion of the veterinary clinic business.

Elanco Animal Health, a leading animal health company, supports specialty training in veterinary medicine for its contribution to professional development, leading to healthier animals, people and planet.

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