The Beatles are already dominating the UK and US: they have reached number one in both countries – so far

Even if it seems like a lie, the Beatles “They were able to release a very commercially successful song in 2023.”Now and later“, sold as the final single of the band’s career, and created from John Lennon’s old demo, is already No. 1 on the charts in both the US and the UK.

Currently, “Now and Then” has become the English band’s 18th hit in their home country, but also their first hit since 1969. On the other hand, the song did the same in the United States, where the song became the band’s No. 1 hit in Yankee territory since “Her appearance”Free as a bird“, also taken from an old Lennon show, in 1965.

In this way, The Beatles remain the most successful English group in history on the US charts, and the second most successful when all bands and artists are counted, only behind them. King Elvis Presley.

About “Now and Then”

The song was written by John LennonAlthough it has contributions George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starrthe whole band.

The two surviving members of the group, Ringo and Paul, worked together on it and their departure is described as their last.newThe topic of the band is in its history. To complete the beautiful musical rhyme, it will be released simultaneously with the band’s first UK single, “Love Me Do” (1962).

Furthermore, alongside this release, the documentary “Now and Then – The Beatles’ Last Song‘, Directed by Oliver Murray, which will be released on November 1, a few hours before the song’s release. The film features the testimony of Paul, Ringo, George, and John Lennon’s son Yoko Ono, Seanand based on Peter JacksonWho directed and produced the 2021 documentary The Beatles: Get Back.

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“Now and Then” was born on paper in the late 1970s, when John Lennon composed and recorded a demo of it on piano at his home in New York. Yoko did not make the demo to John’s former colleagues, who died in 1980, until two decades later. Unfortunately, the artists, despite their efforts, were unable to make the song reach enough quality to complete its release.

It wasn’t until two years ago when McCartney and Starr, with the help of Peter Jackson and his team, gained access to technological tools powerful enough to complete their work on the song, adding new musical and vocal parts.

“John’s voice was crystal clearsays McCartney upon hearing Lennon’s voice properly extracted from the original demo of “Now and Then” for the first time. “It’s very emotional. We all played on it, it’s an original Beatles recording. In 2023, I’m still working on Beatles music, and about to release a new song that the public hasn’t heard, I think it’s exciting.”

It was the closest we’ll ever get to having him in the room again, so it was very emotional for all of us.Starr adds. “It was like John was there, you know. He’s so far away.”

“In 1995, after several days in the studio working on the track, George felt that the technical problems with the demo were insurmountable and concluded that it was not possible to finish the track to a high enough standard.” says Olivia, George Harrison’s widow. “If he were here today, his son Danny and I know he would wholeheartedly join Paul and Ringo in completing the recording of ‘Now Andthen.’

“It was incredibly touching to hear them working together after all the years Dad was away.” Sean Ono Lennon says. “It’s the last song my father, Paul, George and Ringo did together.. “It’s like a time capsule, and everything seems destined to happen.”

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