Caution regarding the need for testing for COVID19 in transplant patients due to its immunosuppressive effect

This case analysis demonstrates a variety of symptoms, clinical severity, and disease course in affected transplant patients.

Statistics from the Organ Procurement and Transplant Network show that in Puerto Rico there are about 351 people waiting to receive an organ.

A study of 13 patients who underwent a heart transplant raises the need for doctors to perform an extensive procedure Test method COVID-19 due to the effect of the virus on the immunosuppression of these patients, among whom deaths have been reported.

There were 13 cases of white heart transplant patients (Iranian) infected with COVID-19 between December 2019 and October 2020. The mean age of patients was 43.7 years (19 to 65 years); Seven (70%) of the men, from whom demographic data were collected, their clinical presentations, laboratory findings, in-hospital and out-patient therapeutic management were analysed.

Similarly, all these patients underwent RT-PCR with a nasopharyngeal swab.

This case analysis demonstrates a variety of symptoms, clinical severity, and disease course in these transplant patients who have contracted COVID19, including ten in-hospital and three outpatients. One patient died and none of them experienced an episode of clinically evident rejection,” the authors explain.

Another component they found was that the immunosuppressants used in these patients to prevent and treat rejection of heart transplants made these patients more susceptible to infectious complications, including those of a pulmonary nature, which are greater. Impact on morbidity and mortality.

“And therefore, Organ transplant recipient Solids (SOT), including heart transplant recipient (HTx), vulnerable to COVID-19, due to Infection risk from immunosuppression and the presence of comorbidities,” they emphasized.

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The authors of this chain with it They realized that immunosuppression could protect against a cytokine storm and limit the study sample, although they also highlighted the importance of maintaining Flow testing of this type of the population before the various presentations in which COVID19 can manifest itself.

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