Very soon we will be able to play Android games on PC in Europe

According to Google, which directly reported this publication, “within a couple of months” Play Games for Windows will arrive in Japan and some European countries.

Android games on Windows will be a reality thanks to Google Play Games.

They’ve been promising us this for years and with several delays, so it’s all Google news Landing Play Games on Windows and PC Very welcome, as in this case Recently released statement on blog Android developersWhere the search engine giant Announce publication beta in Japan and Europe inside “few months”.

It’s not a fad, technically speaking, because nation Google Play Games for Windows did not advance really who beta It was published a few weeks ago, which will simply expand its boundaries to continue to grow until we can Play Android video games very soon on any PC with Windows.

So far, the “betas” of Google Play Games for Windows have been very limited in Asia and North America, although very soon (according to Google in a couple of months) we will also be able to enjoy them in Europe and Japan.

The animation shows seamless sync across devices logged into four different sizes playing Asphalt 9: Legends

And the announcement comes, as we said, from Google itself, which is taking advantage of the developer event Google Developer Summit for Games mentioned Several news regarding the take off of its Redmond OS video game platformeventually the vast majority of computers globally.

very simple idea, Google Play Games will be your Windows video game launcher Developed for Android, they are titles that will run on Windows thanks to this portal The ability to operate it using keyboards, mouse or game boards Connected via USB or Bluetooth.

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Animation showing the Google Play Games home page on a desktop screen

Beside that, There is not much concrete information about arrival dates or receiving countriesSo we know that now Google Play Games for Windows It can be downloaded now from beta in These 13 countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and the United States. And now we can confirm that In a few weeks it will also arrive in Japan and European markets which will have to be determined later.

The last confirmation was in Growth of initially small catalog of titles And of fair quality, which he will gladly receive very soon Garena Free FireAnd Ludo King_ and MapleStory M_ With more games promised soon.

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