Benefits of an exchange experience in the Bachelor of Educational Sciences

Study the Bachelor of Education It means following a path full of learning and teaching in which skills are developed to create educational programs at different levels. In addition, this profession allows its students to learn to plan, design, enhance, conduct and evaluate learning processes and different educational levels.

Also, as a Bachelor of Science in Education student, research is undertaken on formal and informal education systems, applying current and innovative learning theories, giving the student a much broader view of the problems in each education system. This knowledge can be applied in a national and international panorama, so it is useful to consider studying abroad to learn about different cultures, traditions and educational models.

the University of Monterrey It offers students of the Bachelor of Science in Education a program that includes topics that promote research and the search for solutions to problems in national and international education. The degree lasts for 9 semesters where students will learn to transform, understand and create change in education.

Benefits of an exchange experience for graduates’ future education

If you study abroad, you will be able to gain better competitive advantages, such as:

  • Proficiency in a second or third language such as English, German, French, or Italian
  • Add a valuable event to your resume
  • Learn about different cultures and traditions
  • Develop new personal and professional skills
  • Learning from different educational systems
  • Gain knowledge to create educational systems with national or international impact

The Bachelor of Science in Education curriculum at the University of Monterrey is one of the best options, as it has agreements with educational institutions abroad and provides the opportunity to develop and learn new educational systems at universities in the United States, Spain, Canada, Poland, Portugal and other countries.

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