French high school students announce their protest in support of Gaza

In statements to the BFM television network, the student leader explained that this measure will affect dozens of secondary education institutions, and these protests will be added to the pro-Palestinian mobilization carried out in recent days by students from universities such as Sciences Po and the Sorbonne. In this capital and other cities.

He pointed out that we appeal to the Secondary Schools Union to act, and it is urgent to adopt a ceasefire, allow the release of hostages, silence the weapons, and respect international law.

Israel is indiscriminately bombing and conducting military operations in Gaza, with more than 30,000 civilian deaths reported and an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, in response to the October 7 attack by Hamas, which killed 1,200 people and left more than 200 dead. Hostages.

Nidal demanded that instead of giving space to the debate about the student movements that began forcefully in American universities, we should talk about events such as the discovery of hundreds of bodies in the mass grave of Nasser Hospital in the destroyed Gaza Strip.

In an interview published today, President Emmanuel Macron opposed the blockade of educational centres, claiming that it does not help resolve the conflict in the Middle East.

He insisted that we know very well what is happening in Gaza and France is calling for an immediate ceasefire, but preventing debate has never helped resolve the conflict.


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