Venezuela rejects Guyana’s statement on Esquipo-Prensa Latina

President Goiani reiterated his administration’s intention to settle the sovereignty of Guyana-Equipa in the International Court of Justice, which is disputed between the countries of South America.

In this sense, the claim to grant jurisdiction to the arbitration award of 1899, which was considered illegal by Venezuela, under which control of 159,000 square kilometers of land west of the Esquipo River was granted to the United Kingdom, the capital of then the British colony.

In this regard, the Venezuelan government confirmed in a statement that the president of the neighboring country is moving away from the historical reality in order to feed a victim and negative matrix regarding Caracas’ claim to the region in question.

Venezuela indicated that due to diplomatic pressure exerted since 1962, negotiations were held, culminating in the signing of the 1966 Geneva Convention, with the aim of resolving the issue of borders.

He stressed that Guyana has signed and ratified the aforementioned agreement, and therefore is committed to fulfilling it in order to strive with the Venezuelan side to reach an amicable, practical and satisfactory solution for both countries.

By congratulating the people of Guyana on the 55th anniversary of their independence, Venezuela ratified its firm commitment to peace and good neighborliness, and urged the authorities of the neighboring country to resume the spirit of dialogue and political mechanisms stipulated in the Geneva Convention. 1966.

On several occasions, Venezuela has expressed ignorance of the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice to consider Guyana’s unilateral application before that court for the determination of the Esquipo territorial dispute.

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