V Puebla group session meeting

Buenos Aires. With the Latin American motto changed, the Puebla Group will today chair the V Virtual Encuentro, with many of its founding members attending, including 11 former presidents.

The forum, which brings together progressive leaders from 17 countries, including Argentine President, Alberto Fernandez, has summoned the distinguished speakers of this version at a meeting that will be marked by the Progressive Manifesto, a document under construction born from this alliance and the academic group that composes it.

In this first meeting in 2021, which will be broadcast on social networks, a model of solidarity for the international community will be discussed, ensuring the consolidation of Latin America as a zone of peace, and ensuring its continuity and strengthening. Democracies and lasting respect for human rights.

At the same time, it allows for progress to be made in reducing social inequality through inclusion and pluralism, as defined by the organizers.

In terms of the Progressive Manifesto, it will consist of 28 criteria central to establishing the Solidarity Model, which highlights the restoration of the essential role of the state, the entrenchment of health as a global public good, freedom of access to information, and reform. For the United Nations system.

It also includes support for pluralism and multipolarity, among the many issues of economic and social importance for the region.

Personalities such as former Presidents Ernesto Samper (Colombia), Rafael Correa (Ecuador), Dilma Rousseff (Brazil), Lionel Fernandez (Dominican Republic), Fernando Lugo (Paraguay) and the former head of the Spanish government Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero will be featured. From the day a virtual press conference will be held at a later time.

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Founder of the group, Marco Enriquez Ominami; Former Brazilian Education Minister Aloyzio Mercadante, Former Colombian Minister Clara Lopez, Former Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo PatiƱo, as well as several founding members from Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Bolivia and Peru, among others.

As part of the day, members of the Latin American Council for Justice and Democracy, a mechanism with a legal dimension, will also attend the Puebla Group.

With 49 members since its founding in July 2019, in the Mexican city that gave it its name, the Puebla Group has grown in recent months and is today one of the alliances with an important voice and reputation in Latin America.

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