The United Kingdom donates AN / PSV night masks to Uruguay

They will be employed in border patrol

Minister Jarca and Ambassador O’Connor during the delivery of the masks. Photo: British Embassy in Uruguay

01/29/2021 | Montevideo

Gabriel Porphilio

Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Uruguay, Fay O’Connor And minister Defense Uruguay, Javier Garcia, An unspecified number of Night Masks have been officially donated AN / PSV-7 The third generation for use before Armed forces From a South American country. Teams will be assigned border control missions.

he is AN / BSV 7 It is a single tube system, with an integrated infrared LED lighting system and an automatic shutdown system in the event of a light overload. This system is currently the Night Viewer par excellence in use before United States Armed Forces And many of its allies in the world are slowly being replaced by more modern ones AN / BSV 14.

he is British government It is a historic ally of Uruguay, but relatively few military cooperation and exchanges have been carried out between the two countries. Buying an SUV land Rover A few years ago, the donation of a small arms shooting simulator and now this donation of night vision binoculars were the only salient elements of the military exchange between the two countries in the past five years.

However, due to the wide needs presented by the armed forces of Uruguay, it is expected to increase efforts to receive more materials from this origin and other friendly countries of Uruguay.

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