Costa Rica demands an end to repression in Colombia – Prensa Latina

The demonstrators organized a sit-in for the Colombian people in front of the headquarters of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, and then marched to the Rotunda in Hispanidad, where they stayed for nearly two hours, to express their solidarity with the people. Sectors of that South American country.

Participants wore shirts and clothes in the colors of the Colombian flag (red, yellow and blue). Participants carried posters against the police repression and the government of Ivan Duque in the Andean state, and chanted, “Uribe, Barako (paramilitary)) the town is bored (angry)!

The demonstrators handed over to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights a statement to the social groups in solidarity in Costa Rica with the Colombian people, and condemned the dangerous events that affect this country socially, politically and economically.

The signatories indicate that this matter deserves urgent attention and intervention from the competent international organizations, with the demand to respect the right of the Colombian people to protest and freedom of expression.

“We are making an urgent and strong appeal to the whole world to support a just cry that embodies popular non-conformity,” affirms the text of the TIKA solidarity organizations.

It confirms that the expressions of citizens, trade unions, trade unions and politics, which are strongly evident in the streets and squares of Colombia, are the product of good reasons, which President Ivan Duque and the National Executive have repeatedly neglected and systematically mocked.

Despite the fact that President Ivan Duque announced that he would withdraw the tax reform project, he also ordered the military to take to the streets to reinforce, together with the police, the containment of social protest, as the text states.

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It details that this militarization of the country corresponds to a new violation of the constitutional and legal order, and creates new risks to an already deteriorating climate from mass violations of the right to life, liberty and safety.

“We urgently call for the assistance of the international community to strengthen monitoring and monitoring measures for the grave humanitarian crisis afflicting the people of Colombia as a result of failure to implement the commitments made under the peace agreement,” the statement said.

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