USA vs. Canada and Mexico vs. Brazil in women's soccer semifinals

The Mexico and United States women's soccer teams completed the semifinals of the soccer Gold Cup on Sunday, with El Tri taking on Brazil and the Stars and Stripes taking on Canada.

BMO Stadium, located in Los Angeles, served as the venue for the final two matches of the semi-finals.

The Mexican team had to do its best to beat Paraguay 3-2, and in the second match, the United States beat Colombia 3-0.


The home team did not need the first half to beat Cafeteria with a goal from a penalty kick in the 13th minute by Lindsey Horan, and another by Jenna Niggsunger and Jaden Shaw in the second minute of the match.

Nerves, multiple errors in handing the ball over and blunders in defense condemned the team led by Angelo Marseille.

3-2.- An Offaly double and another goal from Luna strengthen Mexico

Mexico, which passed the group stage at the top of Group A with 7 points out of 9 and 10 goals to its credit, won a brace from Lizbeth “La Maja” Ovalley, one of the tournament’s top scorers with five goals.

Paraguay was on the verge of equalizing the match.

The students of Spanish coach Pedro Lopez Ramos relied on the attack from the beginning and pushed Paraguay towards their goal until the 31st minute.

Offaly opened the scoring with a cross shot that Paraguay goalkeeper Alicia Bobadilla was unable to save.

At the beginning of the second half, in the 49th minute, Mexico's second goal came, a goal from Karen Luna, who kicked a ball into the area that was cleared by the Guarani defense after a corner kick.

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In the 64th minute, Paraguay scored a goal with a header from Camila Barbosa, and five minutes later, Offaly increased the score again after a rebound from the goalkeeper, who could not contain the third goal of the women's trio.

In the 74th minute, Rebecca Fernandez made the final score 3-2, which was not enough for Paraguay to equalize, and that helped the Mexican team take on Brazil in San Diego on March 6 and seek first place in the Women's Gold Cup final.

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