Rugby Science | Controversy with Ciencias Rugby: City Council and opposition clash over club sponsorship

Controversy with Ciencias Rugby: City Council and opposition clash over club sponsorshipJ.C. Ogazon

Real Ciencias Rugby Club is in a very delicate situation. On the Seville political scene, the exchange of accusations generated the latest confrontation between the outgoing team, from the Socialist Workers' Party, and the new municipal corporation.


PSOE spokesman for the Seville City Council, Antonio Muñoz, expressed his regret that the city's mayor, José Luis Sanz, had withdrawn his sponsorship from the Real Ciencias Rugby Club, a team “thatSpread Sevilla's name throughout the country by playing in the Honors Division, “Throughout its history, it has succeeded in crafting a sporting legend with many titles and great names of players in its ranks,” he urged the council to renew the sponsorship it had previously pledged to the club, specifically to Sanz, so that it “finds the way to make this possible.”

“Antonio Muñoz’s government left Contorsa with a debt of €11 million, depriving many clubs of the sponsorship and support needed to continue their work.”

Minerva Salas. Representative of culture and sports

The Socialist Party indicated in a statement that the “economic crisis” that the team is going through “was raised to the maximum extent with the statement in which the entity conveyed that it would not appear in the next league match due to lack of resources.” For this reason, and as a sign of protest against the decision of the Seville City Council not to offer its support, the spokesperson for the Municipal Socialist Group held several talks aimed at finding a solution to this difficult situation.

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The PP accuses the PSOE of a debt of 11 million in Contursa

For her part, the delegate of culture and sports at the Seville City Council said: Minerva SalasHe strongly criticized the administration of the former mayor, Antonio MuñozWho accuses him of being responsible for the delicate situation he is experiencing Royal Science Rugby Club And Seville sports in general.

Salas deplores that Muñoz's disastrous administration left him $100 million in debt 11 million euros in ContursaMunicipal tourism management company. This debt has deprived many clubs, including science, according to the municipal version, of the sponsorship and support necessary to continue their activity.

The delegate asked Muñoz to “abandon easy opportunism” and vote in favor of the budget amendments being implemented to support Ciencias and other clubs.

Science is about to collapse

condition scientific Club It is particularly worrying. Historic rugby team, third in the Spanish League, He decided not to appear for the next match in Valladolid Due to lack of income. This situation is exacerbated by the withdrawal of sponsorship by the City Council.

Minerva Salas He was accused PSOE, Muñoz's party, withheld aid from Ciencias and other sporting entities for “partisan interests.” The delegate pointed out that the Socialist Workers Party prevented the approval of municipal budgets, which led to the paralysis of the financing of these entities.

The sports delegate urged Antonio Muñoz “To recommend that your municipal group vote in favor of the budget amendments” to help science and other clubs.

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Putting Seville sports in the spotlight

crisis scientific Club Revealing the delicate situation that Seville sports are going through in general. For the delegate of culture and sports at the Seville City Council, the debts generated by the administration Antonio Muñoz And obstructing budgets before PSOE They are putting the survival of many clubs and sporting entities at risk.

The PSOE will seek assistance from the Board of Directors and the Regional Council

By Antonio Muñoz, “NIs it reasonable for the municipal government to overthrow an entity like science?“This has given us a lot of happiness, and is driven by the commitment, enthusiasm and volunteerism of members, players and partners without any other desire.”

In parallel, Muñoz stated that “there are few more profitable ways to make the Sevilla brand visible through professional sports than with the support given for years to Ciencia, which is known across the board as Seville Sciences“”.

The Socialist Municipal Group warns of the “disastrous management” of sports in the city, and of the “absence” of a strategy that includes support for clubs such as Ciencias or Betis de Baloncesto.

The PSOE spokesman also announced that he will take the necessary steps with the Regional Council or the Andalusian Junta, if possible, to try to resolve the “humiliating situation” that these clubs are experiencing.

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