US will keep travel restrictions against Delta variant – AGP Deportes

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Made call For everyone Countries the world for what help cuba Facing the crisis situation he is going through pharmaceutical NS food.

The head of the Mexican federal executive authority said on Monday that the decision was made to send two ships of the Navy Secretary (Simar) who would bring medicine and food to Cuba, which is why he called on other countries to do the same at this time of greatest need for the island.

In the face of this situation of the embargo, we have taken a decision to help and solidarity in the face of this embargo (…) I take this opportunity to address an invitation to all the countries of the world, that this demonstration expresses the UN vote against the embargo is now facts that help the Cuban people.”

“From the heroic ship Veracruz, which has a historical relationship with Cuba, two Mexican Navy ships will depart with oxygen, food and medicine,” he explained.

The Mexican President called the President United StateAnd Joe Biden, until the embargo on Cuba was lifted, and he suggested allowing remittances to the island.

“I think President Biden should make a decision on this, it’s a respectable call, from a point of view that you don’t get into it, but we must separate the political from the human. I declare that life is the most important thing, it is the principle of human rights.”

Many things can be done, but I would only suggest one with all due respect to both countries: allow Cuban families to receive remittances from those who live and work in the United States or any other country in the world,” she said.

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On July 23, the Mexican government indicated that, in line with its policy of international solidarity, it would send two ships with health and food aid to the Caribbean island.

As part of the assistance to the hospital and emergency healthcare system, he reported, the shipment includes medical supplies such as syringes, 9,500-liter T-type oxygen tanks and face masks.

They will also send supplies such as powdered milk, beans, wheat flour, cans of tuna and edible oil, as well as diesel.

The Mexican government renewed its commitment to continue international cooperation and humanitarian assistance work with the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean “to confront the scourge of the epidemic.”

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