US Open: Tournament will not change mandatory press conferences for tennis players

The organizers of the US Open confirmed, on Wednesday, that the press conferences given by tennis players after each match are “very important”, and indicated that they would not change their mandatory nature despite the controversy sparked by the departure of Naomi Osaka from Roland. for refusing to speak to the press.

“Having the players to speak to the media is very important to our fans. There is no change in our rules and they will apply equally to all our playersTournament director Stacey Alastair said in a conference call.

“But there is flexibility in terms of the health of the athletes,” he said.

Remarks he made before the New York Championships, which begins next Monday, and After Naomi Osaka refused to speak to reporters at the end of matches due to her mental health, which eventually led to her withdrawal from the French Grand Slam.

Despite his declaration that the rules of the US Open have not changed, Alistair spoke about the importance of tennis players’ mental health in front of the media.

“We’ve already done that in the past. If someone injured their ankle or was unable to attend an official press conference, there would be a medical evaluation and the doctors would make a decision,” he said.

Alistair also talked about the possibility of choosing to replace press conferences with a “less formal” format in the future., or that it is “the next day” and not a few minutes after the match, or a series of questions is sent to the player through the contact department staff rather than personally.

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