‘The Lion King’ lifts the curtain on Broadway after the pandemic

New York.- After a year and a half of the lockdown caused by the pandemic, Broadway Begins to open its doors to musicals with the return of the season “The Lion King” And “Aladdin”.

both actors “Aladdin” Such as “The Lion King” They are rehearsing their replay at Makkah Theater on August 28 and September 14, respectively.

Broadway, considered a mecca for theater, closed its doors in March 2020, when New York announced a city lockdown due to a sudden increase in Covid cases that led the city to become the epicenter of the pandemic.

Since last May, a September reopening has been announced, although some theaters have already opened their doors with smaller shows.

Attendees must wear face masks and vaccinate.

By the time “The Lion King” and “Aladdin” reopen on Broadway, Disney will have some rehearsal for pandemic-era musicals, as they already have shows playing in Japan, New Zealand and the UK.

“Each one of them taught us something, and we’re already on Broadway in maturity, but we know we’ll continue to learn as we go forward,” said Disney’s director of international strategy and production, Felipe Gamba.

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The actors researched how to survive this year and a half

A comeback that some actors thought would never happen.

“There were certainly days when we thought that would never happen,” admits Broadway Mufasa L. Stephen Taylor, despite working on one of the most successful productions in theater history.

While some entered the world of cinema or television, such as the new Simba, Brandon McCall, others chose to sell homes for example.

Says Don Dare Rivera, who plays Iago in “Aladín,” and it’s also Bonita Hamilton, who plays the hyena Shenzi in her cast of “The Lion King.”

Others, like Stephen Carlisle (Scar), unleashed their imaginations by starting a “wake-up call” where, first thing of the day, he would sing the song they had requested to customers on the phone.

“I paid huge sums to do it, and that’s what I’ve been doing last year,” the British actor said to the laughter of his peers.


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