UPNCh teaches a science and technology promotion workshop at CETIS 86 – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

With the aim of promoting science and technology, the Science Club of the Polytechnic University of Chihuahua (UPNCH) presented a workshop entitled “A Quick Look at DNA”, which targeted high school students of CETIS 86.

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This workshop is part of the activities carried out by UPNCH, within the framework of the National Publication Days, promoted by the Mexican Physical Society.

The topics covered in the workshop were molecule assembly using origami materials, DNA extraction from strawberries, in addition to horizontal dialogue between the audience and the Polytechnic University of Chihuahua.

This science club consists of students Alondra Villa Flores, Eric Alberto Hernandez Méndez, Brenda Guadalupe Diaz Martinez, Jose Antonio Martinez Carreón, Sofía Camila Almuena Saenz, and Mia Jacqueline Pizaña Perez.

UPCH students shared their knowledge of science and technology, as well as their enthusiasm and energy in teaching the workshop to more than 70 CETIS students.

The workshop is part of the five days that will take place throughout this year, during which the Polytechnic University of Chihuahua (UPNCH) will seek to encourage and promote science among the general population.

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