800 students participated in the Breakfast with Science + Entrepreneurship Culture program

Boys and girls in grades five and six from different schools in the Autonomous Region of Extremadura conducted workshops on diverse topics such as chemistry, physics, commerce, food, electricity, veterinary medicine, robotics, sports science, forestry engineering, nursing and the Sustainable Development Goals. …

Up to a program consisting of 83 activities developed at the Badajoz and Cáceres campuses and the University Centers of Plasencia and Mérida, from November to April.

The Breakfast with Science + Entrepreneurial Culture program is a project promoted by the Service for the Dissemination of Scientific Culture of the UEx University in collaboration with the University of Entrepreneurial Culture of Junta de Extremadura.

The aim of these conferences is to bring science, innovation and a culture of entrepreneurship to students in the fifth and sixth grades of primary education in Extremadura, through a series of simple practices that include observation, experimentation, reflection and dialogue with researchers and researchers in the field of entrepreneurship from the University of Extremadura. And trying to awaken their interest in study, research and innovation to enhance scientific and technological careers.

800 students from 28 schools from different cities in Extremadura participated in this course, such as Chiles, Barbaño, Badajoz, Maguila, Sierra de Fuentes, La Coronada, Mérida, Alagon, Moheda de Gata, and others.

Students gathered around a healthy breakfast with researchers to conduct simple experiments with the aim of facilitating access to different scientific disciplines.

This edition has received the cooperation and support of more than 200 teachers and researchers from the University of Extremadura.

In the 2023-24 programme, the following centers and faculties collaborated in Breakfast with Science sessions: University Center of Placencia, University Center of Mérida, University Research Institutes (Badajoz), Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Polytechnic School and Faculties of Education and Psychology, Teacher Training, Veterinary medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, science and sports science.

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