HIF Global is exporting 22,000 liters of carbon neutral petrol to the UK

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press release From Al Haramain Foundation
February 28, 2024

The HIF Global team in Magallanes has completed the second commercial export of carbon-neutral gasoline from the Haru Oni ​​plant in Punta Arenas, which is already on its way to the UK, where Porsche will use it in its Experience Centers and Mobil 1 Super. cup.

“We are continuing to advance the production of carbon-neutral fuel, this time with a shipment of 22,000 liters. We have deployed a special plan that requires detailed logistics for them to reach their destination. Our e-fuel was shipped from Puerto Mardones, to be followed by The road leading to the port of San Antonio and then heading to Europe.”

The CEO noted that this product can be used today, with the infrastructure already in place and represents tangible progress to stop climate change. Just like conventional gasoline, the gasoline is transported in an isotonic tank, which meets special safety standards and is made of stainless steel alloy and surrounded by protective layers.

To reach this export, the fuel undergoes strict quality control, with 24/7 monitoring of parameters by control room operators, field controls and daily sample analysis in the laboratory developed by HIF in collaboration with GASCO and the University of Magallanes.

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