UPLA and UMSA held an international course on Artificial Intelligence Applied to Earth Sciences

Between August 14 and 16, the Universities of Playa Ancha (UPLA) and Mayor de San Andrés de Bolivia (UMSA) developed the international course “AI (Artificial Intelligence) Applied to Earth Sciences” online.

The initiative, which has more than 100 registered people from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru, targets undergraduates in geoengineering, geography, regional planning, geology, real estate planning and regional planning, among other fields. From the establishment of contact and the implementation of activities related to topics of common and current interest, which are presented in the life of teaching and research, in this case, with a focus on artificial intelligence, showing its characteristics and benefits in the formation processes.

Specifically, during the three days of the course, the knowledge gained in managing the application of Chat GPT artificial intelligence was shared in the use and creation of content for teaching. An AI application for self-learning and text correction was shared, and AI tools for search management were demonstrated. Likewise, the connection of geography with earth sciences and the support it would have with the application of artificial intelligence was discussed, along with the large amounts of geological data that artificial intelligence could process.

The opening day was attended by the President of the University of Playa Ancha, Carlos González Morales, Vice President Catalina Rojas Martínez, and the Dean of the University of Playa Ancha. College of Natural and Exact SciencesReinaldo Salazar Espinosa.

From UPLA, academician of the Faculty of Natural, Exact and Geographical Sciences, Mg. Gastón Gaete Coddou, Professor, Department of Mathematics, Physics and Computing, Mg. Fabian González Araya, and geographer Silvia Perez Bros. While studying at UMSA, the Director of the Geographical Research Institute, Dr. Edwin Machaca, and Wilson Engineer Javier Soria Sotiz.

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