The government announced $300 billion in funding for science and space research

The Ministry of Science announced a call to support research projects in the fields of basic science and space science. This initiative will allocate resources amounting to $365 billion to promote scientific and technological progress in the country.

The main objective of the ministry's call is to promote projects that address problems And needs that can be transformed through the application of science, technology and innovation in the country.

Projects that aspire to be beneficiaries of this call should be implemented through alliances between actors in the National Science, Technology and Innovation System (SNCTI), Distributed in different sections, with a presence in at least three areas of the General Royalties System (SGR).

The call outlines three core components What projects should be addressed:

  1. Generating new knowledge in basic and/or space sciences: Priority is given to research that contributes to the advancement of knowledge in these areas.
  2. Strengthening research infrastructure: Projects that seek to improve and enhance scientific research facilities.
  3. Social appropriation of knowledge: Initiatives that promote the dissemination of research results and their practical application in society.

In addition, a decentralization strategy needs to be included in the proposals, with the aim of strengthening research capacities in areas where these capacities are still in their infancy or still need to be strengthened. The strategy should focus on citizen participation and the democratization of knowledge at the local, administrative and regional levels.

Those interested in participating in this call can request resources from the System of Public Royalties (SGR) In a range of $10,000 million to $36,500 million. Detailed terms of reference are available at the following link:

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