An uproar in the United Kingdom due to the absence of the British royal family from the Women’s World Cup final

The decision made by Prince William of England to Not attending the final Women’s World Cup soccer which was held in Sydney, Australia, caused a lot of fuss. Especially after seeing Celebrating Spain with its Queen, Infanta and the rest of the team, Whether on the field or handing over the trophy.

Unlike Queen Letizia and her daughter, Infanta Sofia, Prince Guillermo, his wife Kate, and their children did not attend the meeting. File appears The most visible presence will be that of Prince William England, since he is the president of the Football Association and he handed over the trophy to his country’s players after winning the European Cup, so he doesn’t understand that. Did not attend the event. For this reason, a wave of criticism rained down on him after confirming his absence.

some opinions

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliamsconfirmed that this was a file missed opportunity, That there must be someone from the British royal family and that nothing like this has happened since 1966, when England’s men lifted the World Cup.

Similarly, Fitzwilliams added that Guillermo is the obvious choice for the FA presidency and that would be great. If she were the Princess of Wales she could go too. He claimed Wells is The most charming royal couple in the world It was a long journey, but they should have taken it because of the importance of the event.

commentator, Natalie OliveriShe wrote on the women’s site 9Honey: “Prince William’s absence It would be seen as a great insult not only to his national teambut also to the many Australian royal fans who have been waiting for the visit of the heir to the throne for at least three years.

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Some accuse the prince of being sexist, such as Paul Jeter, a Green Party activist in Engatston. He noted that both Guillermo and Rishi Sunak, the UK Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative and Unionist parties, had refused to attend the final, and stated that he could only believe that they would do everything in their power to be there. . If it were men of England.

The royal house responded

Both Prince William and the King Send messages to players England after their semi-final victory over Australia on Wednesday. Palace sources confirm that everyone in the family They were watching the match on TV And they are very interested in it.

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