Unusual KO in a fight in the UK: Decision from a referee left one of the boxers defenseless

The unusual decision of a referee that led to the knockout

The role of referee within a ring Boxing is crucial. Maintains fighting pace and ensures fighters are not suspended for wrongdoing. But like all humans, they can make a mistake in the decision and create a confusing situation in the ring, as it happened Mark Leeson at Confrontation between Maxi Hughes s Paul Hyland Jr.

It wasn’t the boxers who were the spotlight on the night but I pointed out. After a short exchange of blows where there was an illegal impact below the waist, Lyson He pointed to the corner to stop fighting. Highland Junior Weakened and the judgment moved between spouses, Assuming it will drop down and start counting for 10 seconds, But at a later time He changed his mind and his mistake was critical.

Note that Hyland Jr. Having recovered before hitting the carpet, he immediately corrected himself and gave the green light for them to continue boxing. Hughes quickly took advantage of the fact that his opponent was caught off guard for victory KO In the eighth round. Although a fighter 31 years He was taking advantage of the benefits of winning the battle, and would taste bittersweet to see the last action before his opponent was toppled.

The former Doncaster Citizen has lost two attempts at the British Super Featherweight Title and Not long ago he had been considering moving away from the sport. He is now on a streak of impressive victories after the harassment Juno Carroll, Outnumbered Victor Kutuchigov And Lonsdale’s belt is conquered against him Highland Junior.

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But this remarkable measure has reverberated on social media Some have questioned Hughes’ lack of sportsmanship in making the decision to hit the right hook when his opponent was turning his back on him. However, a portion of the audience directly pointed to the referee as being primarily responsible for the strange outcome of the fight.

There was a moment reminiscent of similar overtones in Triumph Floyd Mayweather Jr. running Victor Ortiz, As the judge also had a direct effect on the outcome of the fight: after stopping proceedings due to an illegal header, the Mexican came close to hitting the gloves with Money s The famous American boxer took the opportunity to strike two fatal strokes.

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