United States vs. Holland, a duel with a taste for revenge

In a duel between the leaders of the fifth group in Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023The United States will face the Netherlands, who will seek to avenge their loss in the final in 2019.

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After debuting with victories against Vietnam and Portugal, the Americans and the Dutch will respectively strive to take first place in the group, so the duel promises a lot of adrenaline.

The defending women’s champions have put together a team adding experience and youth, with Sophia Smith taking charge of scoring and thus relieving pressure on the team.

Smith continues to show that his level of play is at his highest point, which he demonstrated in the home championship, where Portland added seven goals in 500 minutes of action.

Conversely, the United States will face a Netherlands team who have become a very wary opponent after winning the UEFA Championship in 2017 and reaching the Women’s Cup final in 2019.

In addition, in the absence of the best gunner of all time Miedema, Juventus striker Lenneth Berenstein took over.

The Netherlands combine a select group of experience with a desire to go above and beyond, as demonstrated four years ago at France 2019, but they are up against the United States, a team seeking to confirm their status as title favorites.

The duel between the United States and the Netherlands promises to bring sparks, as neither team will seek to give up the three points.

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