Register of families who have been housed in precarious housing

The number of families living in a Temporary residence in the UK arrived approx 105,000its highest point in 25 years, according to official data known this Tuesday, which shows the massive problem of families that haunts that country.

more than 131,000 children Among this number of families, which corresponds to the end of March, according to data from Division of Settlement, Housing and Communities.

The number of families represents a 10% increase compared to the same period last year, according to what was reported by the public channel BBC.

This number is the highest since records began in 1998, up from the previous record of 101,300 reached in 2004.


Structural problem of lack of housing

“It’s very difficult,” he said. BBC British Chantelle Waltona 21-year-old mother who lives in a hotel in a city Plymouthin the southwest Englandwith his two sons.

“My five-week-old son wakes up crying for a bottle, and this wakes up my 17-month-old daughter.”

The lack of decent cooking facilities, like dozens of other families at the hotel, means that people often have to eat out.

Walton He and his family have been homeless for four months after receiving an eviction notice.

Chris Penberthymember of the Council of Ministers for Housing in Plymouthconsidered the system a failure: “We don’t have enough affordable housing for those who need it. Our waiting list has gone from 8,000 to 12,500 in the last three years,” he said.

housing crisis in Britain Exacerbated by rising rents and homelessness, as well as a freeze in local housing allocation rates over the past three years. “The whole system is broken,” he stressed. Penberthy.

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In addition, the figures reveal an alarming increase in the number of homeless elderly people. In the year to March 31, the number of homeless families with priority need due to old age increased by 33.3%.


Matt Downey“Once again, you see the catastrophic cost that years of underinvestment in housing benefits and the shameful failure to build social housing leave families in temporary housing,” said the chief executive of the National Crisis Charity.

He added, “People not only enjoy stability and security at home, but are often left to live in one room, without cooking or washing facilities.”

smooth He said this was unacceptable and considered the Conservative government’s promise of a premiership to be futile Rishi Sunak to build a million homes.

He stressed that “until the government understands the seriousness of this situation, we will not witness any change. Homeless families will remain in their normal place and more and more children will be forced to live in overcrowded and unsafe temporary housing.”

He added that people across England desperately needed more social housing, as well as investment in housing benefits so people could pay cheaper rent.

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