Get this new free game on Steam for a very limited time and it will be yours forever

Steam is running a promotion again that is giving away a PC video game permanently for a very limited time.

steam It is the platform most used by PC gamers, although competitors do not stop coming out who want to make things difficult for Valve. However, the digital store usually holds several aces up its sleeve, especially when it comes to the many free games included in its catalog. As if that weren’t enough, Steam also usually includes some promotions where you can claim games that are free forever, as with a title that was given by the platform by mistake and can now be obtained for free. The thing does not stop there, because Valve Store offers another additional free game.

In this way, all players who come to Steam during this week can Claim free One of the video games from his catalog: Endless dungeon. It comes to Very limited promotion that will be available Until next July 27, so you will have to claim it before the above mentioned date has passed. Once you do that, the address It will be added to your Steam game library foreverso you can play it whenever you want.

Download Dungeon of the ENDLESS for free on Steam

Dungeon of the Endless is free for a limited time on Steam

Endless dungeons are A rogue-like dungeon defense gamewhere the player and the team of heroes must Protect your ship’s generator rugged terrain as they explore an ever-expanding dungeon. A few hundred convicted criminals were transported to the Auriga system on the “Success” prison ship. Although it was presented as an opportunity for restore its position in society They worked hard for the greater good, and they knew they would, in fact, be the same Send forced labor to colonize an unknown planet. Everything they know about Auriga Prime came from the tentacles: it had water, temperate zones, vegetation life, and an abundance of minerals in its crust, reads the game’s official description on its Steam page.

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Download Dungeon of the ENDLESS for free on Steam

So don’t hesitate Get Dungeon of the Endless completely free before July 27th arrives And play it whenever you want with your Steam account.

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