United Russia re-elected Medvedev as head of that party

The vote was publicly held and delegates to the event raised their hands in support of his candidacy. The TASS news agency reported that Medvedev has been leading this party since 2012.

In the plenary session of the Congress, the politician congratulated the delegates and recalled that for the past two decades, United Russia has shouldered the responsibility for solving the most difficult problems of the nation.

He pointed out that the ruling party did not abandon its positions even in times of crisis, and did everything in its power to secure the country’s development and protect it from internal and external threats and for the benefit of the people.

He stressed that Russia was able to avoid the severe consequences of the global COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused great difficulties, although he stressed that it is not the only difficult problem facing humanity.

In a video message broadcast at the plenary session of the XX Party Congress, President Vladimir Putin stated that United Russia showed itself in a dignified way during the election campaign and, in the face of intense competition, won the right and with strong favour.

According to the president, this political formation showed “once again that he is the legitimate leader of the parties, the Popular Representation Party, and the parliamentary majority.”

The head of state renewed his congratulations on winning the September elections, saying that this result is very important for the whole country for its stable and effective development.

Putin said this party has all the resources to help people solve the problems they face, and said that its membership included broad popular representation.

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He pointed out that during its twenty years the group maintained a patriotic position that it showed in adopting important historical decisions related to the consolidation of Russia’s sovereignty, the defense of national interests, the improvement of the political system and the development of the economy.

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