During 2019, the Institute of Forensic Sciences trained agents with trainers without accreditation

In 2019 cadets who underwent police training underwent 136 subjects taught by 109 instructors who were not certified to do so, according to the 2019 Individual Performance Review Report.

In the State Institute for Criminal Sciences and Public Security Report P250 Budget of the Institutional Strengthening and Training Program for Public Security, the Amman Stock Exchange devoted a few pages to explaining what was found in the training of state and municipal police officers, process assessors, investigators, prosecutors, experts and prison guards.

In the initial training of state police, 27 trainers were responsible for teaching 30 subjects from the approved program, with 7 accredited teaching 8 subjects, 20 not teaching 22 subjects; 26 coaches responsible for teaching 30 subjects of the municipal police program, with 5 accredited persons They taught the same number of subjects, and 21 did not study 25 subjects, according to Outcome Report 12, which resulted from observation.

“ 11 teachers responsible for teaching the eighteen subjects for the Procedural Risk Assessment Program were not accredited; 22 trainers were responsible for teaching 27 subjects of the Investigative Police program, with 9 accredited teachers teaching 10 subjects, and 13 not teaching 17 subjects; there were 18 teachers in charge On teaching 25 subjects in the Public Prosecution program, with 4 accredited persons who taught 9 subjects, and 14 who did not study 16 subjects.

The other cases were in the experts program, where 17 teachers were responsible for teaching the 23 subjects, only two were certified and 15, of those who taught 20 subjects, were not; In the prison, there were 22 trainers who taught 28 subjects, 7 accredited teachers who taught 10 subjects, and 15 non-accredited trainers who taught 18 subjects.

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According to the ASE, this action by Inecipe violates Article 47 of the National Public Security System General Act and 241 of the Sinaloa State Public Security Act.

According to the information contained in the EGX report itself, two thousand and 37 agents attended the programs during 2019.

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