United Kingdom: The traffic light wants Britons to stay indoors

The Association of Professional Travel (AITO) believes that the UK government’s limited traffic light for green tourist destinations is A deliberate move to get the British to stay home this summer And you spend your vacation in your country. The extremely restrictive implementation of a traffic light, with only 12 countries in green, of which only Portugal is a tourist destination close to the sun and the beach, has already sparked criticism from the sector in the United Kingdom, as we explained in the British agencies. Request more green destinations at the traffic light now.

AITO President, Chris Rowles, told UK sectoral media, “We believe it is keeping the Brits confined to their homes rather than having them on vacation overseas. It was the intention of the government at all timesTo ensure that aid money and ERTEs are spent to boost the UK economy, whether citizens are going on vacation within their country or staying home. ”

This is how you understand this group of specialist agencies Johnson Government Restrictive Traffic Sign PolicyOnly 12 countries are classified as green, among which Portugal is the only tourist destination adjacent to the sun and the beach. As we explained in COVID Traffic Light: Spain in amber, Portugal in green, Turkey in red, and some of the 12 green areas are Portugal, including the Azores and Madeira; Australia ; New Zealand; Singapore ; Brunei. Iceland; Pharos Islands; Tarek mountain. Falkland Islands; And Israel (including Jerusalem).

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The criticism of AITO is not the only one heard in the British sector. The British Confederation of Travel Agencies (ABTA) has welcomed the inauguration of international travel with its COVID traffic signal, but is requesting this in upcoming system updates. More destinations are being added as quickly as possible so that the sector can trigger sales that will allow for the resumption of activity.

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For its part, the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) considered through its president, Gloria Guevara, that “although we understand that protecting public health should be a priority, the United Kingdom You are very cautious and risk losing your hard-earned competitive advantage“.

14 months without income

AITO reminds the government that Agencies have been without income for 14 monthsIts president said, “No organization can afford that,” while he asked the prime minister to finally support the issuance sector, which needs “a very serious level of support, in line with the impossible situation that you have all paid,” referring to the government.

Goal: Staecations

On Monday it became known that London wanted Britons to spend their vacations in the city with a promotional campaign, Let’s do LondonWhich aims for Londoners and citizens in general to enjoy the capital during their summer vacations. They will invest 7 million pounds in the campaign, or about 8.11 million euros.

On the other hand, the truth confirmed expectations that there will be very few green countries at the British traffic light, as came in April through a study conducted by the consultant firm of former British Airways strategy director, Robert Boyle. Then these experts just said so USA, Gibraltar, Israel, Iceland, Ireland, Malta, Australia and New Zealand They will be on the green list for international travel, while most of Europe will be amber. They were narrowly wrong.

British government contradictions continue, statements by its spokesmen saying something today and vice versa tomorrow Frequent calls for citizens not to reserve yet because it is not at all clear what will happen in the summer, Has raised doubts about how the Johnson government expects the summer to unfold, whether it will actually use a traffic light to provide its citizens with accurate information about where to travel safely, or whether it will use this tool to try to persuade the British to stay behind. UK Vacation A complaint from AITO.

On the one hand, the fact that a traffic light qualifies countries and not regional destinations favored by the British also casts doubt on its effectiveness and suitability for this system, for example, the Spanish beach destinations, which have remained just as outside the country as the rest of the country, are all in Amber.

These doubts about the true intent of the British government regarding international travel are reflected in this article British Traffic Signs and Accommodation: Will Summer 2020 repeat itself?

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