United Kingdom: Queen Elizabeth II appears smiling at a horse competition, dispelling rumors

A smiling Queen Elizabeth II appeared at the prestigious horse-riding competition in Windsor on Friday, in photos published seeking to allay concerns about her health just days after she was replaced by her son Charles on an important parliamentary date.

Very fond of horses, the 96-year-old Queen was photographed smiling and comforted as she arrived in a car at the “Royal Windsor Horse Show” near Windsor Castleabout 40 km west of London, where he has lived since the start of the epidemic.

Wearing sunglasses and a dark blue cardigan, she appeared in the front seat of a Range Rover. From the bottom window of the car, she was seen exchanging a few words and laughing with a small group of people.

Many of the King’s horses participate in this competition.

Health problems

Due to mobility issues and following the advice of her doctors, Elizabeth II resigned on Tuesday to deliver the traditional address from the throne that marks the start of a new parliamentary session each year.

It is the third time she has missed such an important constitutional position in her 70-year reign, and the first time she has been replaced by her son Carlos, the 73-year-old heir, in a new step in a gradual transition. From royal jobs due to her growing health problems.

In recent months, her public appearances have become so rare, she has been seen walking with a cane and has complained that she has difficulty moving. According to the British press, he uses a wheelchair in private.

The Queen’s health has been concerned since she spent a night in hospital in October for “tests”, the nature of which has never been determined. She also contracted coronavirus in February, which she said left her “very tired”.

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His previous public appearance was on March 29, on the occasion of attending a mass in London In honor of her late husband Prince Philipwho died at the age of 99 in 2021.

His absence from the throne speech raised questions about his participation, in early June, in the celebrations of the “Platinum Jubilee” which marked his 70 years of reign, a record for a British monarch.

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