Fatma Pinto is one of the new voices at the Tecate Emblema Festival: “Let’s go with a very strong show”

Fatima Bento A 21-year-old Costa Rican singer, songwriter, blogger, fashion designer and model who will perform at Tekkati Logo Festival. fact, It’s her turn to open the Dream Stage at 4:10 p.m. Friday the 13ththe first day of the second day of the festival, in a 40-minute presentation.

Since 2017, he began his musical career. His debut was the song “Feel Something”, which entered the Spotify Viral 50 chart of charts. in Costa Rica, Colombia, Uruguay and Guatemala. She is a radar artist on Spotify.

Fatima recently signed with Virgin and released the song “Love these”which is a fun song that takes an anecdote from adolescence and gives it a modern voice, he said in an interview with TimeXwhich he brings from a car parked in what looks like a wooded area in his native Costa Rica.

“I was looking for a slightly lighter Reggaeton, so to speak”Fatima says. “In fact, I already have a bunch of songs that use this as genre, tone, essence, rhythm, etc. It was very interesting because it was well received by my audience.”

In Bogotá, where he presented live material, the reception was good. “I was very curious about how the audience would respond to this kind of urban pop because Colombia is one of those places where the clubs put a very intense reggaeton, like what they’re going to say perio. The reaction was very good, everyone danced and sang to them. It’s songs I like To say it a little more than melody.”

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Fatma Pinto, among her songs “Hello, how are you?” And the “Más ná”, he sees at the Tecate Emblema Festival, which takes place at the Hermanos Rodríguez racetrack in Mexico City, is a great opportunity. “The most important thing for me is to always do my best. We go with a very strong show, we’ve been preparing for it for months, rehearsals every day, choreography, visuals, it’s a pretty complete show”.

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He adds, “My expectation is that people there will enjoy it, and obviously more people know about my music. That’s really the point.”

From independence to mainstream

Fatima Pinto stresses that it is good for her to stop being an independent artist. When one is independent, he says, “one is like what we might say here in Costa Rica, ‘Zoila,’ we have to do everything.”

With Virgin’s support, they burdened him with doing the administrative and marketing part of his career. “It allows the artist to focus on their art.”

He adds that the Virgin opened new doors for him. “Like everything in this life, it’s a change, but I feel like we’ve adapted really well, I feel like there’s very good teamwork, which is very important, so it was really all very easy and manageable.”

In addition, he says, “It supports my creative vision one hundred percent, and gives me the baton in that sense. We always have listening sessions, to evaluate song by song, to make the best decision for the project, but All decisions are fully shared and they always take my criteria and creative vision into consideration, and they always prioritize it“.

Watch the video “Love These”:

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