What is known about the special visas that will be granted by the Argentine government?

A special visa program has been announced by the Argentine government, to settle in that country for at least six months, which provides all legal guarantees and has the opportunity to extend that visa for a longer period.

In this way, Argentina joins the various countries that have already issued this type of visa to thousands of remote workers around the world.

The program, called Digital Nomads, offers a 180-day visa for those who can work remotely, a method that came with the health crisis and continues in many places.

This new visa will be granted for 180 days of temporary residence, which can be extended for another six months, that is, the visa as a whole can last for a year.

In addition to advertising this type of work in strategic cities in Argentina, this program thinks of promoting interest in this type of tourists who are looking for better working conditions.

Several media outlets have reported that they will train those who work in the hotel sector to improve service, and in this sense, Argentina will provide in its hotels a specific seal for them, so digital nomads will be able to choose accommodation that meets these facilities and that allows you to live and work in this country

In addition, this country will offer its visitors, the “Argentina Visiting Card”, a card that will allow international tourists to earn points, which can then be exchanged for gastronomic and entertainment experiences.

They stated of the Argentine government itself: “We will continue to take all decisions to promote tourism, because tourism allows the creation of jobs, not only with organized actors such as gastronomy, hotels, agencies and all suppliers, but also with artisans, artisans and all this economy that is originating in the cities.”

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