Haitian leader in Kenya to participate in environmental summit

In the conclave, the role of multilateralism in confronting the challenges in caring for the planet, and the so-called triple planetary crisis, based on climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution, will be addressed.

The meeting is scheduled to conclude tomorrow and is expected to be attended by world leaders and about five thousand representatives of governments, civil society and the business sector.

This is the sixth session of the United Nations Environment Assembly.

Currently, the Ministry of the Environment of Haiti, within its strategic lines, maintains the unification of all sectors of the country to enhance the stock of greenhouse gases.

The agreements signed by the Haitian government include a series of demands, including the implementation of an enhanced transparency framework.

The Caribbean country faces a problem in collecting data on greenhouse gases, and the reluctance of some sectors to communicate data on this topic can be observed.

This portfolio considers this information to be crucial in the fight against climate change, but if it is not available it makes it difficult to comply with obligations under the conventions and conventions signed by the government on environmental matters.

Depending on the source, it is essential that data be available to plan actions, calculate future trends and monitor progress on actions already implemented.

Greenhouse gas monitoring is vitally important to reduce pollutants and avoid global warming.

Omani Riyal/Jo

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