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Snack He proceeded to deliver a fifth successive election victory for the Conservatives: “Now is the time Britain “Choose your future,” he declared. Its main asset is improving the economy. According to the latest published data, inflation reached 2.3% in April, on track to meet the budget target. Bank of EnglandThe economy emerged from a technical recession in the first quarter. But everything indicates that this is a temporary improvement.

Markets expect inflation to rise again heading into the fall, while expectations that the Bank of England will cut interest rates soon are fading. The most important thing is to win votes. The Minister of Economy, Jeremy HuntHe has already abandoned cutting taxes before the elections, given the country’s high level of debt.

Let us remember that the former Prime Minister tried something similar, Liz Truss, during his short 49-day term, calling into question the sustainability of the country’s public finances and, above all, the Conservative Party’s reputation as a good economic manager. All opinion polls indicate a victory for the Labor Party. Its last victory was in 2005, under the leadership of Tony Blair, while its worst result was in 2019, under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. The Labor Party hopes to gain seats from the Scottish National Party, which is suffering from a crisis in Scotland, and the Conservatives in Scotland England and Wales.

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