An invitation to the Faculty of Biological and Chemical Sciences to participate in its traditional graduate study in food science and technology – PAHER Portal

With 35 years of academic tradition, the Graduate Program in Food Science and Technology of the Faculty of Chemical and Biological Sciences (FCQB) of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS) invites you to register for a new version of the Master’s and Ph.D., Dr. Ernesto Aguilar Palazuelos, Coordinator of the said Graduate Program, reported that They are scheduled to start classes on September 2.

Another year and we are here offering the community an opportunity to prepare. Here we have the option for any graduate from the field of chemical and biological sciences to prepare in the field of food science and technology, we are graduates over 35 years old, whether Masters or PhD, and we strongly invite you to come here to prepare,” he noted.

The university professor and researcher pointed out that the university, with these higher degrees, contributes to the region in training specialists in the field of food production, making it an excellent choice for these young people who want to excel in their profession and contribute to the development of the state of Sinaloa and the country.

And do everything you can to provide benefits to the community by being prepared in this area, because we are a very agricultural state and one of the diseases we suffer from is precisely the manufacturing of all these raw materials that are present in our state.”

Aguilar Palazuelos stated that the pre-registration process has been scheduled for June 9, since as of that date the preparatory course for master’s degree students will already start, i.e. from June 10 to July 5, where results will be given on July 12 so that classes can begin. On September 2nd.

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It should be noted that those who enroll in these postgraduate courses must have full time for their training, which is why there are supportive scholarships from the federal government and this allows students not to worry about neglecting their training.

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