Unionists end hunger strike in El Salvador – Prensa Latina

The Federation of Legislative Council Workers (CITRAL) issued the decision, after obtaining the approval of the new parliamentary leadership controlled by the ruling party, to receive it to discuss the dismissal of a thousand employees.

“We were able to convince the employer to approach the worker and the worker will negotiate with them: satisfaction is great, because it was difficult times,” said Carmen Sousa, CITRAL representative.

Group spokesmen confirmed to Prensa Latina that Ernesto Castro, former private secretary of the Presidency Council and president of the current legislature, had agreed to hear the union’s demands.

The protest was confirmed because Castro refused to speak to Citral about the dismissals, and its leaders called Pouchenchiros (rioters).

The result reassured many, at the moment, as information circulated about the possibility of deploying riot police and other regime forces to expel those who were striking in the corridor of the Legislative Palace.

Castro, from the ruling New Ideas Party, appreciated the agreement to establish a dialogue table with CITRAL with the aim of achieving benefits for all Salvadorans, without responding to the interests of sectors or groups in power.

There will be dialogue and harmony if the organizations focus only on the welfare of the country and the workers. Let’s move on, ‘Castro shared on social media.

This agreement came only two days after the President of the Republic, Neb Bokil, attended the assembly to present accounts on the second anniversary of his inauguration, on June 1, 2019.

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