Unicen progresses with its graduation at the headquarters of Olavarría and Tandil


Unicen progresses with its graduation at the headquarters of Olavarría and Tandil


On Friday Social Sciences, Engineering and Health Sciences in Olavaria, and on Saturday Veterinary Sciences in Tandil, they define their own degree groups, offering diplomas to graduate and graduate students of these disciplines.

In the case of Tandil, the event was led by University President Marcelo Aba, Dean Rodolfo Catalano, and Academic Secretary Mabel Pacheco, and the alumni family members accompanied the alumni at the Central Library facilities.

And at a warm and emotional ceremony held in the Olavarria University complex, diplomas were handed over to students received from various professions offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences, as well as health sciences, engineering and humanities.

Law No. 156 on the collection of grades from the faculties of the Olavaría headquarters of the National University of the Provincial Center of Buenos Aires at SUM from shared classrooms in the university complex has been implemented.

It was chaired by the President of UNICEN, Dr. Marcelo Aba, and the Academic Secretary of the University, Professor Mabel Pacheco. They were accompanied by the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, BA Gabriella Gamberini; Deputy Dean of the College of Health Sciences, BA Bettina Bernardelli; and Dean of the College of Engineering, Mag. Maria Heidi Peralta.

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