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(Video) Poirier “Diamond” was overtaken in the third round by a cobweb woven by the Brazilian in the form of jiu-jitsu.


Brazilian Charles Oliveira retained his UFC light belt after introducing American Dustin ‘Diamond’ Poirier in the second round at UFC 269 Saturday night in Nevada, United States.

Oliveira, who despite being a champ and didn’t reach the preferred vitola, silenced the skeptics with a landslide victory over a seemingly good, if not perfect enough Pourier. The Brazilian hit the table and cleared himself at the helm of the lightweight division.

There was no room for speculation. From the first moment they were firmly connected, Pourier struck with more force than the hero, who tried to calm the outburst of the greedy by pressing the gate.

Oliveira tested the strength of Poirer, who sent him to the board on several occasions. The Brazilian, a born survivor, did not collapse, recovered and forcibly closed the first batch.

In the second round, Oliveira changed the dynamics. Pourier’s hands were more than expected so he sought to fight. The most conservative, he conquered positions of dominance through which he gained control time, fit elbows well, thus undermining Lafayette’s “diamond” hardness.

The Brazilian continued the same streak of action and made a profit in the third set. He quickly grabbed the back of Poirer, who was overtaken by a spider web that Oliveira woven into a shape Jiu Jitsu. The hero, in the blink of an eye, slaughtered the American to add to his twentieth victory by submission.

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Oliveira vindicated himself against Poirier who defeated Conor McGregor twice and who was chosen as the betting favourite. The American had turned down a title fight for a second match with the Irish, which earned him a large sum of money. For many, the hero was not a fully legitimate king until he measured himself against the “diamond”.

The Brazilian, who had 32 wins and 8 losses, showed that winning the title over American Michael Chandler was nothing out of the ordinary. He claimed that he was the rightful holder of the five kilograms of gold and leather that attributed to him the title of lightweight champion. Oliveira’s reign has just begun. (Dr)

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