Students of behavioral sciences in the United Arab Emirates demand to hear the election of the director

Students from the Faculty of Behavioral Sciences (Facico) of the Autonomous State University of Mexico, UAEMex; They declared their disapproval of the electoral process to renew the management of the educational institution.

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Likewise, they exposed alleged inconsistencies in the electoral process.

Preliminary results

From the three sectors – administrative, academic and student – a winner was obtained. With a limited number of students.

Administrative sector: Juan Carlos Fabella Arriaga (21 votes in favour)

Academic Sector: Gabriela Hernandez Vergara (108 votes in favour)

Student Sector: Francisco Marquez Vazquez (551 votes in favor)


Through a press release, university students accuse the faculty of wanting to retain their current position at the faculty; Vote for a candidate who participated in the outgoing administration.

On May 20, 2022, elections were held to elect the next Director or Director of the School of Behavioral Sciences. This student organization issued a statement expressing openness and support for those working in the aforementioned academic space regarding their voting. However, given the voting results, and especially the faculty votes, it is clear that there is a strong bias towards Gabriela Hernandez Vergara, as she was part of the current administration, which is the Deputy Academic Director. It would not be strange to suppose that the teachers were inclined to her in order to maintain their present position in the college,” They said.

Seek attention from the student community

In the same situation, the students emphasized that they would not be partners in the outgoing administration. nor anyone intending to work with them, “And also with those people who already
He held a managerial position at another time and did nothing to improve working conditions and
Education for our community. In the same way, we oppose the fact that student participation is being ignored and that such an important decision is made by the University Council alone.”


Although the process of quantitative examination is carried out for the three sectors, the process of election, appointment and swearing-in of the Director consists of a series of precedents and acts that allow the President of the University to present the candidate or candidates for the position before the University Council, so that it proceeds to conduct the elections by personal, nominal, direct and secret ballot. That is, the university council elects the director by a majority of votes.

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