UNHCR confirms to the United Kingdom that the deportation plan to Rwanda violates international law

06/14/2023 June 14, 2023, London, England, United Kingdom: UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak leaves 10 Downing Street ahead of the weekly Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons. Europe Politics Press/Communication/Tayfun Salsi

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has once again issued a warning to the UK authorities over its plan to deport illegal immigrants to Rwanda, stressing that this project constitutes a violation of international law. Although Rishi Sunak's executive has proposed amendments to its proposal, in order to try to avoid judicialization of the issue, the Commission on Tuesday once again expressed its reluctance to the immigration policy that is considered the spearhead of the British Prime Minister. Hence, UNHCR confirmed that, after reviewing the updated agreement between the United Kingdom and Rwanda, it “maintains its position” that the plan “does not meet the required criteria relating to the legality and appropriateness of the transfer of asylum seekers.” “Compliant with international refugee law.” After assessing the situation, UNHCR considers that Rwanda’s asylum system has not been modified to meet the required standards and, therefore, does not guarantee the rights of the refugees that the United Kingdom plans to send to the African country. In fact, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees confirms That safe and legal routes to seek asylum in the UK “remain inaccessible to the overwhelming majority of the world’s refugees,” and that the plan to send migrants to Rwanda “runs counter to the basic principles of global solidarity and shared responsibility.” London focuses on achieving the “green light” of justice. This warning from the Commission comes on a day when Downing Street confirmed that the executive branch is “taking all conceivable steps” to persuade the UK judiciary to approve deportation flights to Rwanda with the inclusion of refugees in Rwanda. Dozens on Thursdays to expedite open cases. In fact, the British government rejected a recent UNHCR report on the issue, recalling that UNHCR “also has a partnership with Rwanda to ensure it is able to receive migrants safely.” At the beginning of December, the governments of the United Kingdom and Rwanda signed a new treaty through which they attempted to resolve judicial doubts over the migrant deportation plan, ensuring, for example, that those transferred could not be returned to their countries of origin under any circumstances. .Countries of origin. Since his rise to the presidency of the British government, Sunak has called at all times to “stop boats” loaded with migrants arriving in the United Kingdom, although it is true that this project is being criticized by human rights organizations and the opposition. In fact, Labor asserted on Tuesday that the plan to deport migrants to Rwanda is “unsustainable, unworkable and illegal,” and although they acknowledged the need to stop illegal immigration, they called for the problem to be addressed with “common sense.” Likewise, the Labor Party has questioned the government's position that Rwanda is a safe destination, while the British Supreme Court itself has indicated the opposite. The opposition said: “We find ourselves facing a government trying to legislate an alternative reality.” Shadow Immigration Minister Stephen Kinnock said: “Ministers seem to think they can pass a bill that says the sky is green and the grass is blue, but that does not mean that is the case.” On the other hand, the plan has also caused a rift within the Conservative Party, with some conservative voices accusing Sunak of remaining middle-of-the-road. This issue was one of the reasons for the resignation of the controversial Suella Braverman from the position of Minister of the Interior.

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