Luis Diaz will not lack encouragement from Barranquilla

It will not only be the fans who will be in Paris, nor those who will stay at Anfield to watch the match, nor those in England and the entire United Kingdom. to support Liverpool especially for Luis Fernando Diaz Marulanda will feel too Barranquillathe land that made him establish himself as a professional player.

They are not officially recognized by the club, but this does not mean that passion, love and feeling do not make them support the “red” team with all their might from the capital of the Atlético division.

Liverpool Barranquilla fans already have more than 50 fans In their ranks and in every match the Anfield players play, they are there faithfully, in a group, or one by one, but without missing a single commitment from their beloved club, which they dream of being able to see live.

“Most of the fans here became supporters after the return of Istanbul in 2005 against Milan. Others, perhaps, in 2013-2014 with Liverpool from Luis Suarez. We still do not have fans who will come back from Liverpool for Luis Diaz, and we hope that the day will come when that happens and many people realize how good a good team it is,” said Michel Duque, one of the leaders of this ‘bar’ in a conversation with the Herald.

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