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Jesus Utrela | NV . News

Medical students at the University of Veracruzana will be well prepared professionally, because despite the restrictions of the pandemic, the highest study house has a center for training and assessment of clinical skills.

Julio César Viñas Dozal, director of the School of Ultrasound Medicine, noted that although there will be fewer face-to-face classes, the doctors will have all the skills and abilities.

In addition, teaching is very focused

In the care of chronic degenerative diseases, as the greatest demand for health services is due to diabetes and hypertension.

He added that the college has a simulation center, a training center and a clinical skills assessment.

It is highly equipped with high fidelity simulators that recreate a clinical scenario similar to the real one.

There the student can explore the human system and prepare.

“You can examine the ear, eye, chest, abdomen and also with applications you can recreate clinical scenarios of critical patients, with infarction and trauma. We also have a simulator of obstetric practices and it recreates all stages of labor and delivery step by step.

Despite the health emergency, the demand for this profession is maintained and according to the clinical areas agreed with the health institutions, there are places for new admissions every year.

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