F1 extends 5-year contract to US GP | Sports

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – Formula 1 on Friday announced a new five-year deal with the Circuit of the Americas to ensure the United States Grand Prix will run at the Texas track through 2026.

The 2022 US GP is scheduled for October 23 and was on the official Formula 1 calendar without an official contract. The ring’s original 10-season contract expired at the end of the 2021 edition, which attracted more than 300,000 fans.

“This reflects that our first contract was very good and that all parties want to see it continue,” Tour President Bobby Epstein said of the new deal. “Everyone seems excited for the future…Our commitment to building this venue has been a long-term commitment to the sport.”

The contract also holds at least two Formula 1 races per season in the US through 2026. The Miami Grand Prix starts a 10-year deal in May. at Montreal GP in June, and the Mexican Grand Prix in October concluded the four-race series in North America.

“There is a lot of demand and interest in supporting the further growth of Formula 1 in the US. Epstein stressed the fact that it is the permanent circuit dedicated solely to racing, and will always be the home of the US Grand Prix.

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