Jorge Mimbrillo: From agriculture in Chinampas to designing spatial challenges

“Because my parents were double shift teachers, my grandmother always took care of me and said, ‘If I go to your school, it’s because I’m going to get a diploma“. So I really had to go to school, and the truth is, I liked it.”

The Dr. Jorge Membrello, Biotechnologist and Research Professor at tech in monterey, He remembers the time he spent with his grandmother with whom he planted in Chinambas Lake zochimilco when I was a kid.

At that time, while harvesting the fruits of the earth, He decided to study To find out Globalism and the stars Since I wanted to be A teacher like his parents.

“It was very curious. I remember seeing ‘The Sleeping Woman’ (Iztaccihuatl) and ‘Popo’ (Popocatépetl) and asking myself: ‘How can I be here without a jacket and up there it’s snowy, if I’m closer than the sun?’ “, to remember.

Nurturing this curiosity in his life led him to work in Harvard Currently as a professor in College of Engineering and Science, Is the author with the largest number of Articles On challenge-based learning and collaborate on projects space innovation together with Container.

His grandmother motivated him to strive to be the best

in Xochimilco There were only three types of professionals: teachers, doctors, or graduates, says Membrillo, who remembers it. had grandmother Who prompted him to give max as a student.

“I got up at 5 in the morning, at 7 I entered Normal and at 1:00 in the afternoon I left; at 3 in the afternoon he entered high school and finished at 10:00 at night. And so it was every day.”

Point to work in Chinanambas and the Example of his grandmother He doesn’t forget it because it helped him overcome himself.

“There were days when I had 11 exams. (However), that pace shaped my system a lot.” He said.

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“Because my parents were double-shift teachers, my grandmother always took care of me and said, ‘If I go to your school it’s because I’ll get a diploma.’”

Jorge also saw in his parents Passion for sharing knowledge with otherslike him their impact on the lives of others.

“I saw they had a lot of fun. Sometimes my dad would take me to afternoon classes and I was so happy to see that People love him so much; Here, as in all Mexican societies, the teacher is always very well liked. to speak.

Thus, Dr. Quince kept his record as a student until he graduated from a profession biomedical research at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

“The day I got my bachelor’s degree, the next day I was already teaching high school as a teacher, there at UNAM; I started teaching in 1991,” He remembers.

The professor teaches classes at the College of Engineering and Sciences on the Mexico City Campus.

From Chinambas Xochimilco to design spatial challenges

Dr. Membrillo states that as a university student he obtained Gabino Barreda Medal, Excellence granted by UNAM Students with the highest average at the undergraduate level.

After that he wanted to continue preparing me and understand andThe role of oxygen in bacteria.

“I saw that the best place to research this subject was in England. So, I applied and got a scholarship at Conacyt to go to study for my Ph.D. in King’s College London“, It is to explain.

In addition, in 1996, Dr. Jorge was appointed to the position of Young Scientist of the Year Award“, after PhD thesis on xochimilca It was selected as the best among the 10 thousand evaluated by scientific leaders and royal society.

Also, Dr. Membrillo has received offers to do two postdoctoral residencies, one in Hans Krebs Institute University of SheffieldWhere he stayed a year and another in College of Medicine in Harvard universitywhich he collaborated with for five years.

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Today (in Tec) We design challenges with someone from NASA Who is responsible for astronaut resumefor example, from Artemis mission In order to settle on the surface of the moon. In the year 2024, the first woman will step on the moon and then go to Mars ”, Add.

Among the other projects in which Dr. Membrillo, as a researcher in future education instituteis cooperation in the program ContainerCall NASA STEM Educator Professional Development Collaborative.

“We want Take part in these new missions to Mars; Take these challenge-based learning techniques into a model where you will teach and train students who will become engineerss later NASA missions“, he added.

There is even an approach to construction a challenge space technology development that can be implemented in these NASA projects, he adds.

“(We want to) bring these challenge-based learning techniques into a model where they will train students who will become engineers for subsequent NASA missions.”

The professor gave lessons and lectures in as many as 23 institutions of higher learning.

His other interests are: Pedagogy and Challenge-Based Learning

Despite having a distinguished career as a researcher in the field of BiotechnologyDr. Membrillo did not give up his other passion, breeding origins; This, by devoting his life to the study of new teaching methods, especially Challenge based learning.

To date, the professor is the author with the largest number of scientific articlesChallenge-based learning Indexed in the Scopus . databasewith 14 jobs.

Tec is the institution with the largest number of documents in Scopus in this regard, with 75.

learning one of the corners Tec21 Educational ModelCombined with flexibility, teacher inspiration and an unforgettable student experience.

Since arriving at Tec 7 years ago, the professor has been involved as a researcher and put it into practice with other professors, designing challenges for students of the College of Engineering and Science in Mexico City Campus.

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The professor has almost 7 years at Tec de Monterrey, where he was a promoter of challenge-based learning.

Innovate in education and take challenges to another level

Dr. Quince also hIt was youA catalyst for innovation in the classroom So that students feel attracted to science. For example, one of their projects was to use augmented reality Using smartphone technology to analyze cells and DNA.

“we teachers We should we should to studysave us updatedAnd the invent and that students find a place to express themselves”, The teacher mentions.

“I’ve always had two approaches in my career, and they are science and educationI’ve worn them my whole life, and I’ve done a good job on both. For example, I had an experience that in Harvard We learned like this, with challenges”, Share the teacher

“In Tec I loved him so much the design Challenges that can help generate knowledge and skills In students, it is fun and exciting which solves the problems of society”, finish.

Other achievements and projects

– since 1997 is Member of the New York Academy of Sciences; She is also from the Mexican Academy of Sciences.

– that it Head of the Mexico Department of the International Society of Geometry. He has taught in higher education institutions in nearly 25 countries.

– she has 61 publications in indexed journals for disciplinary research and educational innovation He has more than 1500 quotes for his works.

– He also drove two NOVUS Research Projects related to instructional techniques for challenge-based learning.

– In addition, he was part of the 300 academics from around the world who were selected to integrate QS-Reimagine Education Awards JuryAlso called the “Oscar of Education”.

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