Ukraine aid appeal raises more than £85m after ‘incredible response’


The i-backed appeal for Ukraine has seen an “absolutely incredible response” with more than £85 million raised in a matter of days.

Our valued readers have donated over £136,438 in just over 24 hours to i’s Ukraine, in support of the DEC fundraiser.

On Saturday, DEC said it had seen an “absolutely incredible response from the public” and had now raised more than £85m.

The Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) launched an urgent appeal Thursday to raise funds to help those forced to flee their homes in Ukraine, in what is expected to be the largest refugee crisis of this century.

“We are grateful to everyone who is donating, organizing events and helping to spread the word,” a company spokesperson said, “Our member charities at the border and within Ukraine are responding to the massive and growing humanitarian crisis.

They tell us that what they need is funding, not donations.

“The things people offer today may not be what people need tomorrow.”

More than a million people have fled Ukraine, leaving behind their homes, livelihoods and loved ones to escape conflict and seek safety.

The DEC, made up of 15 British aid charities including Oxfam, Save the Children and the British Red Cross, aims to raise funds quickly and efficiently in times of crisis overseas.

I’ve partnered with the DEC Appeal to send help where it’s needed most.

Readers can donate online here or text INEWS to 70150 to donate £10.

£10 will buy basic hygiene items for one person for one month, while £20 will provide emergency food for one person for one month.

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The £30 donation will cover basic hygiene supplies for three people for one month.

The British government has committed to matching donations, sterling against the pound, up to £20 million, so all contributions will have a multiplier effect.

Saleh Saeed, CEO of the Dubai Exhibition Centre, said he “would never have imagined launching a humanitarian appeal in the heart of Europe in 2022.”

But he added, “Tragically, this is exactly where we find ourselves.”

Despite the initial success of the appeal, Saeed urged people to keep donating because it is likely that support for Ukraine will be required “for months and years”.

He said that making a financial donation to a reputable charity could be more effective than trying to ship products to the region.

“What we advise is that the things that people collect here in the UK today are not necessarily what people need tomorrow,” he told BBC Breakfast.

“Trying to get goods from here, the UK, would take thousands of miles into Ukraine a long time and might not necessarily be what people need when they arrive.”

DEC Charities and its local partners are working in Ukraine and neighboring countries to meet the needs of people on the run with food, water, medical assistance, protection and trauma care.

The commission said the Queen, Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge, among others, had already made “generous donations” to the appeal.

The latest amount includes £25 million from the UK government.

Several celebrities shared the spotlight on the appeal, with broadcasts from Trigger Point actor Adrian Lester and Game Of Thrones star Kit Harington following Thursday night’s news, and radio commercial calls voiced by Doctor Who star David Tennant.

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