The “Girls and Women in Science 2022” competition held at the College of Science

They promote scientific careers in primary and secondary school students.

coveBritish Columbia, 04 March 2022. – The first competition “Girls and Women in Science 2022” was held with great success, which was held by the Faculty of Science (FC) of the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC), as part of the Foundation’s 65th anniversary celebrations.

In this first edition of the competition, primary, secondary and high school girls and teens from Baja California are invited to participate through drawings, diagrams and short videos, under the theme How do you see a woman in science? The aim was to strengthen scientific vocations among girls and adolescent girls and to highlight the important role of women in the field of science.

As a reward for their great participation in the competition, the winning girls were welcomed by Research Teachers from the College of Science to spend a day of activities with them and thus live the wonderful experience of being scientists for a day, showing the young ones what to do with teaching, research and dissemination of culture and services in the College.

The girls were the winners; In the primary category: 1st place Julissa Shiloh Villa Garcia, 2nd place Larissa Jimena Olvera Roldan and 3rd place Anya Lisbeth Marques Avelar; In the secondary category: 1st place Luz Shanti Magos Beltran, 2nd place Fernanda Murillo Perezica, 3rd place Carolina Siqueiros Arceo, plus three honorable mentions went to: Ivana Rodriguez Magdaleno, Zoe Perez Gomez, Maya Vildosola Moidano; In the preparatory category: first place Arlene Veronica Morales Aguilar, second place Valeria Gonzalez Cuevas and third place Fania Paula Bracamontes Ruiz, in addition to an honorable mention by Daniela Guizar Romero.

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The award ceremony was attended by the Rector of the University, Dr. Alberto Leopoldo Morán y Solaris, Director General of the Faculty of Science. Deputy Director, Dr. Priscilla Elizabeth Iglesias Vazquez; Official Blanca Rosa Nunez Lizaraga; Guidance and Outreach Coordinator, Teacher Judith Isabel Luna Serrano, as well as the winning girls accompanied by their parents, relatives and teachers.

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